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A One-Stop Solution To All Your Fencing, Decking And Landscaping Needs In Sheffield

We offer 360-degree solutions when it comes to your fencing, decking and landscaping needs in Sheffield. Some of the services where we specialise in are –

  • Panels – we create visually appealing and long lasting fence panels that secure your home, courtyard or garden. Our fencing services are priced at very reasonable rates and we can guarantee that our competitors cannot rival us when it comes to either cost or service.
  • we offer heavy duty fencing services for industrial, commercial or residential purposes such as garden fencing. We work with a large variety of materials across a wide range of sizes.
  • we install wooden gates that are corrosion-resistant, defect-free and long-lasting. We have a strong track record of delivering quality wooden gates.
  • whether you prefer cedar-tone, French Gothic, polymer coated or red cedar, we offer a wide range of wooden post installations. We offer a wide range of services such as rounded posts and square posts that can be used with wire boundaries.
  • if you are planning to install a framework to support your plants or shrubbery, we build trellis that will ideally suit your requirements. Whether you are looking to cultivate leaf shaped potted plant support or mini climbing plants, our handiwork will adequately meet all your needs.
  • we supply a large variety of wooden materials such as Cherry lumber, Sapele lumber, Mahogany, Baltic Birch, Hard Maple, Wenge lumber, Black Walnut and Granadillo. Whatever your requirement, you can rest assured that we will meet it.
  • we offer a large range of fence erecting services such as marking utility lines that are buried, checking the zonal laws of the locality and obtaining building permits. Give us a call today for quality fence erecting services
  • whatever your requirements – fence posts made of wood, posts that are secured to the ground with concrete or panels and posts fastened to each other using nails, we will deliver. Our skilled contractors will build bespoke fences that suit your needs.
  • we deal in all kinds of gravel boards such as concrete and timber. We offer products that are long-lasting and effective against damage caused by moisture to the panels.
  • Our bespoke gravel boards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Our services are ideally suited to meet your unique needs.
  • we use a wide range of materials when installing concrete posts that also include timber. Our handiwork is long-lasting, durable and strong.
  • we offer all kinds of bagged as well as loose aggregates. This includes soft sand, plastering sand, silver sand, ballast, stone, gravel, type 1 fills, screened and unscreened topsoil.
  • this form of sand is also known as Plaster, Bricklayer or Mason sand. It comprises of small articles and is of fine grade. It is mixed with cement and water to make mortar for laying blocks or bricks.
  • whether you want to lay cobble block paving or concrete slabs, we can help you. We also use grit sand to aerate the soil during planting.
  • our installations will provide strong control and stability to any structure that you choose to erect. We use a wide range of materials when constructing ballasts such as burnt clay or gravel
  • we offer crushers that can be used to pre-crush a wide range of materials ranging from hard, medium-hard, tough, brittle and temperature-sensitive materials. To avoid unwanted abrasion, the grinding parts are made of zirconium oxide or hard metal tungsten carbide.
  • if you are planning to cover your driveways, walkways, plant containers, pools, decks or patios, pebbles are the ideal choice of material. They are widely used for landscaping, decorative and construction purposes.
  • you can use our Postcrete mix to fix wooden, metal or concrete posts. To create the mix, we use materials such as cement, sand and various other forms of additives.
  • whether you need a garage builder, storage building or outdoor shed, we offer bespoke quality shed services. The wood we use for our installations is unmatched when it comes to price and durability.
  • we build dog runs or kennels in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are ideal for raising pets in a safe and clean environment.
  • we build playhouses that come equipped will a whole host of features. They are designed to encourage physical activity and social interaction among children and will keep them engaged and occupied for hours.
  • our bespoke wrought iron installations come in different shapes and sizes. In addition to providing invaluable security to your property, our products will also accentuate the design or landscaping of your office or home.
  • reclaimed and used railway sleepers are often strikingly appealing additions to landscaping projects. We offer sleepers made from a wide gamut of materials such as Pine, Karri, Oak, Azobe and Jarrah.
  • whether you are planning to install a new patio or maintain the paving in your garden, we offer a wide range of paving slabs. Our products are sure to bring beauty, durability and elegance to your walkway or driveway.
  • are you planning to build kerbs for your driveway or garden? How about edgings for your patio? We offer a wide range of services such as round top and bull nosed path edging.
  • since we are located in Sheffield, we are your ideal choice if you are planning to hire a mini digger. Our close proximity to any construction or project site will significantly reduce your travel costs.
  • we offer a wide range of dumpers such as forward tip, high, straight and swivel across multiple tonnages. If you are looking to move material in a confined work site, get in touch with us today.
  • we offer a wide range of tools for hire. If you are looking for plant equipment, site management, surveying equipment or lifting equipment, get in touch with us today.
  • building a strong and long-lasting concrete base for your garage is a work for skilled professionals. Our veteran experts are proficient at delivering sound foundations for your garage that will last for a very long time.
  • we specialise in installation services. With decades of experience under our belt, we are ideally positioned to deliver you quality products at unbelievable prices.
  • our products and services are top-notch when it comes to functionality and quality. We specialise in both domestic as well as commercial work.
  • we excel in driveway and patio services. Not only do we provide a finished product that is durable and hard but also visually appealing.
  • we offer paving services in a wide variety of textures, sizes, colours and styles. Our bespoke offerings cater to a large range of shapes and sizes.
  • concreting is specialised work that varies from season to season. We are skilled at working with a wide range of concrete products.
  • we construct driveway surfaces that are hardwearing, permeable and SuDS compliant. Our installations are aesthetically appealing and our finishes come in multiple colours.
  • using a wide range of materials, we build beautiful and appealing pathways that will last you a lifetime. We have extensive experience and have dedicated thousands of hours successfully executing innumerable home remodeling projects.

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