Heavy Duty Fencing Solution – A Must for Domestic and Industrial Properties

With the rise of vandalism and thefts in various domestic and industrial properties, there is a growing need for heavy duty fencing solution. The fencing you select for the property also needs to aesthetically match with it so that the look of the property doesn’t become jarring. Proper fencing solution will surely act as a deterrent to any sort of crime and vandalism.

Double wire fence systems

Pre-galvanised wire panels with simple designs as its base can be the right choice for your property. What makes it a further ideal option is the fact that you can opt to manufacture it with spikes and make it anti-climb. Such fence panels can be painted in a variety of colours, primers, and powders in order to keep it safe from any form of corrosion.

Limited visibility

The major issue with all kind of fencing is the fact that the intruders on the outside can discern what’s on the other side through the gaps. Heavy duty expanded metal fencing enables in creating a gap-free design and hence keeps intruders and their interfering vision at bay.

Resistance to bolt cutters

It is a known fact that most kinds of security fencing can be easily snipped with the help of bolt cutters. However, with these heavy duty metal fencings at work, these cutters don’t stand a chance at snipping.

Here are some of the striking numbers that make such fencings important-

  • If you have your car or vehicle parked inside your property then these fencings are a lot more essential due to the fact that there is a rise of 3% in vehicle offense. Theft or unauthorised taking of cars and vehicles has shot up to an alarming 10%.
  • Intruder and robbery offenses have taken an approximate hike of 17%.

With such alarming stats, it is high time that you opt for fencing solutions. A57 Fencing service brings to you a host of such fencing and concrete products that can completely secure your homes or office in Sheffield. Our reputation in the market for delivering a quality solution to our client’s need has further enabled us to attain zenith in the domain. Get in touch with us now.     

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